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Sending Us Your Files

Contribute as much or as little as you like

Materials that you already have such as your logo, photographs, brochures, business cards, etc., are good to start with to use in the design and content of your web site. We can create anything you do not already have.
Electronic Files
Please send us electronic files instead of paper files whenever possible. One way to send these documents is by attaching them to an email. See our Contact Us page for the correct email address to use. If your email provider has limits on large files (try first and see) you can use the Upload Files form, to transfer large files.

Text Files
You can send text files in several ways: In the body of an email, as MS Word documents, or as HTML documents from your favourite HTML editor. If you use other formats, please specify what they are in your email and we will do our best to accommodate them.
We prefer to receive digital photos (instead of prints) from you whenever possible. You can send us the .jpg or .gif files produced by your digital camera, or have the photos from your film camera scanned digitally at the photo store when you have your film processed. The highest quality (largest) files you have are best.

Hard Copy
Brochures, photographs, artwork, etc., can be sent via regular mail, or dropped off at one of our locations. Please call ahead to make arrangements for this. Place items in a large envelope, add a piece of stiff cardboard, and write "Photographs; Do Not Fold" on the envelope. If you include a large enough self-addressed, stamped envelope, we can return your items as soon as we are done with them.