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Quote my web site now brings me 50% more leads
than last year! - Vikas Kohli

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Five simple web site changes that will get you more sales!

26 information packed pages of proven strategies for web site success!

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  1. Bringing traffic to your web site is essential. If no one ever sees it, then no matter how good it is, your efforts will be wasted. Identifying your best keywords and learning how to use them effectively in your web site is the first step we walk you through.
  2. Your home page is crucial, it is the page on which visitors make the decision: Is this web site relevant? If your home page does not supply the information a potential client needs to decide to stay on the site easily and quickly, then your home page has failed its most important task. We show you how to make your most important page count!
  3. "Click Here" is a phrase that you want to banish entirely from your web site, and we've got five good reasons why you should do it now.
  4. Your call to action and the presentation of your contact information can make the difference between turning visitors into leads, and turning them away. In this book we show you how to do it right.
  5. Content is king in the web world, but most web sites lack good content. Adding Case Studies is a simple and effective way to add compelling content that will convert prospects into buyers and at the same time improve your ranking on Google! We will show you how easy writing case studies can be once you get the hang of it.