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Work Less and Get More!

To keep in touch with our clients, contacts, and the curious, we produce The Dragonfly (our email newsletter) monthly. The goal for our newsletter is to help you Work Less and Get More from your online presence. We include Q&A, SEO tips, new service release notices, Web Site "How To", and Web Site Critiques. We hope you will enjoy our newsletters. Sign up to receive them!

Newsletter Archive

Back issues of our newsletters are collected here for your reading pleasure:

Please note:  The links in these newsletters may change over time and this archive will not be updated to keep up.

What our clients say about our newsletters...

Hi Back2Front Crew!
I love the newsletters you guys send out and find them so helpful.
I think you guys really do go that "extra mile" for your clients.
This can only result in a highly successful business. I wish you nothing shy of that! I am lucky to be working with such an experienced and professional group of people!!

- Alli Grosberg,

Hi Candace,
Thanks so much for your newsletter. It's always so informative.
Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!
– Dominique Jones

AWESOME!!! Wow! You guys ROCK!!!
Thank you so much!! I'm giddy...I LOVE the mother's day newsletter!!
You guys are the BEST WEB TEAM IN THE WORLD! Keep up all the great work!
– Alli Grosberg

Hi Candace,
Thanks for the newsletters you send out via email. The one you sent today was very good with a lot of helpful information in it.
– Barbara Gilbert