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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Flexible, affordable, and effective!

Included SEO  |  Extended SEO Programs  |  SEO Components

Included SEO

A client-driven SEO service providing excellent value.
Our Included SEO service is provided as part of our web site management service. Your site will be optimized initially according to the materials and information you provide us during site construction. This will get your web site off to a "quick start," ensuring your site is indexed and ranked by the major search engines as soon as possible after it goes live.
This is a "client-driven" service, meaning that once the site is live, you are in charge. You tell us when traffic levels need boosting, which keywords you want to optimize for, what ongoing changes/additions you want to make to your web site for SEO purposes, and when you want to make them. We answer your questions, provide hit statistics and resources, and do any necessary web site work at your request.
To learn more, see our Included SEO services page.

Extended SEO Programs

Proactive SEO that provides additional levels of optimization.
Our Extended SEO Programs are for web site owners who are serious about SEO, have a budget for it, and need our expert help to increase overall traffic levels and boost the proportion of traffic from qualified buyers.
These programs are "proactive" because we take charge. We perform detailed analyses to determine what needs to be done to get optimal results, gather the information about your company that we need, and then schedule and execute the work according to that timeline. We send you detailed reports along the way, and continually track and evaluate results to determine the next steps throughout the program. There are several levels of SEO to choose from according to your needs and budget, including a program that provides guaranteed placement.
To learn more, see our Extended SEO Programs page.

SEO Components

SEO components purchased separately as needed.
Our SEO programs are composed of several parts that work together. Although these components work best within a scheduled program and are somewhat dependent on each other, our web site clients can optionally purchase components separately.
To learn more, see our SEO Components page.
What Are Search Engines?
Google, Yahoo, AltaVista and MSN are examples of search engines used by surfers to search the Internet for information, products or services.
Search engine companies use software programs called "spiders" or "web crawlers" to compile enormous lists of web sites and their content.
Complex algorithms determine the relative worth of each site (its rank) in order to return reliable results for searches that are relevant to the keywords used.
Search engine companies do not all use the same algorithms, and they constantly update their software for more accurate search results.

What is Optimization? (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing a web site and writing the content in such a way that search engines can access and understand the content of the web site and index it in an appropriate manner.
If your web site is optimized correctly, it will be easier for people to find your site when they are looking for the products or services you offer.

SEO is an Ongoing Service
SEO is built into each Back2Front web site from the start.
However, optimizing your web site when it is created is just the first step; SEO must be adjusted regularly, as your site, your business, and your competition on the web change.
At Back2Front, we can use our comprehensive statistics reporting engine, as well as your feedback on results, to maintain and improve your site's status over time. This SEO work can be done one piece at a time at your request, or as part of an Extended SEO program.

SEO Research
At Back2Front, we have done (and continue to do) the research, and we know how search engines work. We avoid risky, "black hat" SEO tricks, which may work for a short time but can actually hurt the site's ranking when discovered, because they break search engine rules and regulations. Instead, we only use legitimate, "white hat" techniques that have been proven to work well over time and are approved by search engines.