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Copyright Deferral Option

Note: This option is no longer offered to new clients.

Discounted Setup Fee:
First page: $200.00
Additional pages: $25.00 each
(Management fees are not affected.)
1) A typical 5-page web site for a small business including copyright purchase, costs just $600.00 to setup,
and only $25.00 a month to keep it running.

2) The same 5-page web site, with the Discounted Setup due to Copyright Deferral, costs just $300.00 to setup,
and only $25.00 a month to keep it running.

Use this calculator to see the effect of the copyright deferral option.


Setup Fee:
Management Fee:
Update Handling Fee:
The copyright may be purchased at any time, or may be deferred indefinitely.

Copyright Deferral Option: A little advertising for us and a discounted price for you - it's optional and it's all good!

If your business is in a serious cash crunch you may consider deferring payment for the copyright to your site, until you are ready. We provide web site design and setup at a 50% discounted rate and in return, we retain the copyright to the design of the web site and place a small advertising footer at the bottom of every page.

You can see that footer at the bottom of this page.
The footer contains our logo, a link to our support email address, and a copyright statement.

The Copyright we retain covers only the web site design and the code of the web site. It does not cover any of the logos or images or content that you provide to us. You are free to use any of the web site imagery or content on any of your other marketing efforts.

We are happy with being paid just 1/2 of the design and setup fee as long as the web site stays with us. We work hard to keep you a happy customer so that you will not want to change providers. However, if you do decide to switch to another provider, for any reason, you may do so at any time by purchasing the Copyright. Additionally, if later you decide that you just don't want to have our footer on your web site, you may purchase the Copyright, and we will gladly remove it from your web site.