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The Process

Five easy steps!

Step 1
Visit the Get Started section of our web site and follow the instructions to sign-up with us.
Step 2
If you do not already have a web site, we will publish a temporary page with your contact information (verified by you) within a few days of receiving your sign-up form and deposit. If you are moving a site to our service, please see the next page in this section Moving to Us.
Step 3
With your direction, and incorporating the materials you provide us (brochure, flyer, business card, logo, existing web site, etc.), we put together a web site for you. We will do this page by page—there is no need to get it all done at once!
Step 4
Using a private link, you can review the pages as they are developed and give us feedback. When each page is ready to go live, we publish it!
Step 5
You dance in the street because of:
  • how much you like the site
  • how easy it was to set up
  • how easily it fit into your busy schedule
  • and how little it cost you!
We don't leave you to your own devices at this point—remember we are an ongoing web site management company! Any time you want to update your web site, just pick up the phone or send us an email—and it will be done. Back2Front Mascot