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Back2Front - The Website Management People
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About Back2Front

A unique service - a unique company

Established in 2002, Back2Front is an incorporated company of approximately 20 web experts, operating in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Currently, we serve more than 200 clients.
Outsourced Web Site Management:
From the beginning, Back2Front was conceived as a different kind of Web Site Company. Our company would perform as your complete outsourcing solution, managing your web site entirely from the back–end to the front–end (hence our name) just as your internal staff would do. We would provide fast, reliable, available service—but with more knowledge, experience, and dedicated web resources than you could possibly keep in–house, and at significantly less cost.
Flat–rate Pricing Model:
To further facilitate working long term with our clients, we adopted a flat–rate pricing model—unheard of in the industry. This model eliminated the need for detailed specifications and continuous quoting overhead. When you need new content added or changes made to your web site, you already know what the cost will be and the process is seamless. Your interdepartmental accounting requirements are made simple since the flat–rate pricing allows for costs to be easily allocated to the correct departments.
The Our Clients page links directly to the web sites of our currently managed clients, and so it functions as our list of references. Feel free to contact anyone on the list. If you prefer, we can provide a list of clients that are similar in company size, industry, or have web site features you desire.
Custom Infrastructure Dedicated to Web Site Management:
To enable us to be speedy and efficient, we built a custom web site development infrastructure for our team of developers, editors, designers, programmers, and marketing experts. This virtual "office" allows all of us to work online from our homes and individual offices—avoiding the time and environmental cost of a daily commute. It also provides a robust platform for our development work, and allows us to implement code validation, backup, security, and standards compliance across all of our clients' web sites automatically.
Our Hosting Advantage:
We use multiple hosting service providers located across the continent and can quickly and seamlessly move from one hosting service provider to another, allowing us to exercise purchasing arbitrage. Implemented using abstraction layers and automated migration scripts, this flexibility allows us to provide the following features not available elsewhere:
  • A full Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) solution.
  • Load balancing and automatic fail-over.
  • Full automation and integration into our administrative systems.
  • Always get the best service for the lowest price.